Gambas Al Ajillo (à la Dan)

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Last night’s dinner was a follow-on from Madrid.  When telling Dan all about my trip, I realised that I hadn’t eaten Gambas Al Ajillo (Garlic Prawns) once on the whole trip, so to rectify it we decided to make it at home, and Dan offered to help.  We decided to make Gambas Al Ajillo with Chorizo (in my opinion, chorizo is like bacon, it just makes everything better)!

I started by prepping some roasted vegetables, peppers, fennel, red onions, asparagus and tomatoes tossed in some olive oil, salt and pepper and arranged on a baking tray, and I popped them into the oven at 200C for about 30mins.  While they were roasting, Dan got on with making the prawns.  You can read more in my Best Ever Guide to Roasting Vegetables.Gambas Al Ajillo Garlic Prawns SCD Paleo Roasted Vegetables Chilli Spanish TapasWarming 1 tbsp of the oil on the hob, he added the chopped chillis and sautéed for a while until they started to colour.  Then he added the chopped and crushed garlic cloves and turned the temperature down so they wouldn’t burn.  He added the chorizo, frying it off slightly in the hot oil and then the rest of the oil, the sherry and the paprika and let the whole thing cook on a slow heat for about 5 mins, to infuse the oil with all the flavours and allow the garlic to thicken the sauce slightly.

Gambas Al Ajillo Garlic Prawns SCD Paleo Roasted Vegetables Chilli Spanish TapasOnce the vegetables were done, he turned the heat up on the oil until it was sizzling and added the raw prawns.  Stirring these into the hot oil until they changed from grey to pink (about a min), we quickly took the prawns off so as not to overcook them, squeezed the lemon juice over the top and served them with the roasted vegetables on the side, and Dan had some crusty bread to mop up the juices with.

They were perfectly cooked, still juicy and the sauce was very spicy (use less chilli if you’re not a big fan of the heat) and I almost felt like I was back in Spain (well, not really!)Gambas Al Ajillo Garlic Prawns SCD Paleo Roasted Vegetables Chilli Spanish Tapas