These are supplements that I recommend and have found very useful personally.  All information and recommendations are based purely on my personal experience with these products and I would always suggest consulting a nutritionist or your doctor before supplementing your diet.

Matcha Green Tea Powder from Eternal Vibrance – I first started taking this to help increase my energy levels (I suffer from Lupus, an auto-immune disease which  can cause chronic exhaustion).  It is a source of natural caffeine and contains anti-oxidants which combat inflammation.  I also think it’s helped with my focus – I often get distracted and this has definitely helped with my concentration.  Eternal Vibrance have a free sample on their website that you can order to try it out.

Magnesium Powder – I take 2 tsps of this mixed with water everyday.  I find it greatly increases my energy (I call it my happy powder).  It also helps with constipation that I can suffer from .  Most foods high in magnesium are those which my diet prevents me from eating (whole grains etc) so I take this supplement to ensure that I’m getting enough.

Vitamin D – I suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder) so to prevent the feeling of lethargy and ‘depression’ that comes with a lack of sunlight during the winter months, I take Vitamin D drops to boost my levels.  I’ve found that it has really helped combat ‘the blues’ and I feel much better for it!

Superfood powders

Indigo Herbs Super Mushroom Nutri-Complex

Indigo Herbs Organic Super Greens Powder