Weekend in Tarifa – Day 1

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I’m not sure I’ve got the hang of this blogging idea yet!  I went away for the most amazing weekend in Tarifa in the South of Spain and I completely forgot to snap most of the food I ate. It’s a real shame as there were some incredible dishes, but rest assured I thoroughly enjoyed them all.  I think it’s going to be my achilles heel when it comes to this site.  When I’m having a lovely time, I just don’t think enough about getting my camera out and snapping some pics.  I tend to get caught up in the moment rather than photographing it for prosperity (and the blog)!!  Must do better!!

Anyway back to the holiday recap…Our Weekend in Tarifa! A birthday present for my boyfriend Dan.  We don’t do gifts as such, but prefer experiences so each year we take each other on the birthday weekend of our choice.  We’ve done Puglia, Tuscany, and Biarritz before!

He’d been to Tarifa previously on a kite surfing holiday with friends and wanted to go back.  I organised the whole thing, flights, accommodation and activities and off we went for the weekend.

We flew to Malaga, the nearest airport, hired a car and drove the hour and a half along the coast of Spain to Tarifa.  (It’s the southernmost point of Spain and the whole of Europe, the closest part to Africa).

We arrived at dusk and the beach was absolutely stunning.Weekend in Tarifa Day 1 by Emma Eats & ExploresWe checked in quickly to our hotel, Posada La Sacristia, down a tiny little back street in the Old Town.

I was amazed at the beautiful room they had provided us with.  A beautiful four-poster bed, and the special Cava waiting for us that I’d ordered as a birthday treat for Dan.

The rest of the hotel was stunning with a Moroccan Riad feel to the whole place, all built round a beautiful open air courtyard.  It was late by now and our stomachs were yelling at us so we didn’t stay too long preferring to run out and grab a very late dinner.

Thinking that as it was late, nowhere would be serving, we were hoping that someone somewhere would rustle us up something.  We dived into the first Tapas Bar we came to, prepared to beg for kitchen scraps.  We needn’t have worried.  It was no problem, and in fact, by the time we’d finished, people were still coming in, ready to start their dinners!

It looked like a fairly standard pizza place ‘Ninen’ and since I don’t eat wheat, I opted for two starters.  We ordered the marinated beef carpaccio to share for a starter.  Then I had a Caprese Salad as a main (mozzarella, tomato and basil).  When the starter arrived, I couldn’t believe my eyes (or my tastebuds).  It was the most beautiful, melt in your mouth beef, marinated with lemon and oregano and garlic.  It felt like one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten all washed down with a bottle of Rioja.  The mozzarella and tomato were fresh and delicious and our appetites were definitely sated.

We stopped off for a  nightcap gin & tonic at a bar on the way home.  Beware, in most places in Spain, they serve them in goblet glasses and don’t measure the gin! We we fell into bed full and happy and ready for kitesurfing the next day!  Our weekend in Tarifa had started perfectly!

For more see Tarifa Day 2, Tarifa Day 3 and Tarifa Day 4

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  1. My husband used to be a windsurfer and we’ve been here a few times. Did you come across the tiny bar that just serves cocktails and pizza about half way up the hill?

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