Mezcal Margarita – Refined Sugar-Free

I love a Margarita but traditionally they’re filled with so much sugar that there’s NO WAY I could enjoy them before.  With Cinco de Mayo coming up I decided that I didn’t want to miss out celebrating with a delicious Margarita again this year!  I knew I had to create my own version that was refined-sugar free so I set about attempting it with honey as a sweetener.  (This Mezcal Margarita also works well with Agave Syrup if you can tolerate it!)  This version has no refined sugar in it so you can enjoy (responsibly of course :P) to your hearts desire.Mezcal Margarita by Emma Eats & Explores

I used Mezcal in this Sugarfree Margarita as it has a slightly smokey taste that you don’t get with traditional tequila.  It is still made from the Agave Plant like traditional Tequila but it undergoes an extra step.  The agave plant is heated and cooked slowly in a charcoal pit over a number of days to impart the smoky flavour into the Mezcal.  I think it goes really well in this cocktail and you can really taste the smokiness in the final Mezcal Margarita.  If you don’t have any Mezcal you can always just use traditional Tequila though!

I also like the fact that the salt is incorporated into the drink rather than just stuck around the rim.  It means that you don’t get one really salty sip at the beginning and then have to keep turning the glass round to continue to get salt for the rest of the drink.  It’s infused throughout the whole drink so the flavour is always the same.

So how to make it.  Start by squeezing the limes., You need equal parts fresh lime juice to Mezcal.  Add to a cocktail shaker with the salt and honey and stir to dissolve the honey.  If you add ice at this stage the drink will be too cold to dissolve the honey and it will all clump together.

Once the honey is dissolved, add plenty of ice cubes to the cocktail shaker and shake well.

Taste to see whether you need to add more salt or not at this point.  Pour into a short glass, neat – or over more ice depending on your preference. Garnish with a wedge of lime and serve!

This is the perfect balance of salt and sweet and is really refreshing.  The perfect summer cocktail with no refined-sugar!  Serve alongside some Salsa and Crackers, a big bowl of Guacamole or my Chicken Fajita Lettuce Wraps for a proper Mexican Fiesta!  It’s great made in advance too so you can make a huge jug of it for a party and then just pour it into glasses over ice as needed!

If Sugarfree Cocktails are your thing, check out my SugarFree Cocktail Round-Up for more ideas!Mezcal Margarita by Emma Eats & Explores

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Mezcal Margarita Yum
Mezcal Margarita by Emma Eats & Explores
Prep Time 5 minutes
Prep Time 5 minutes
Mezcal Margarita by Emma Eats & Explores
  1. Squeeze the lime juice into a cocktail shaker.
  2. Add the Mezcal/Tequila, salt, and honey. Stir well to dissolve the honey.
  3. Add a few ice cubes and shake well.
  4. Taste and add more salt if necessary.
  5. Pour into a glass over ice cubes or neat depending on personal preference
  6. Garnish with a slice of lime and Enjoy!
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Dietary & Allergy Information for Mezcal Margarita

This Mezcal Margarita is suitable for the following diets:

Grain-Free, Gluten-Free, Refined-Sugar Free, Dairy-Free, Paleo, Primal, Specific Carbohydrate Diet – SCD, Vegetarian & Vegan.

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27 Comments Add yours

  1. Annie says:

    Fantastic. Well done!

  2. It looks like you’ve come up with the perfect Margarita for those of us who are trying to cut back on our sugar intake. I am very much looking forward to mixing up a batch of these very soon! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh I am so making these on Friday! Cheers! Pinned as well 🙂

  4. This looks like a great drink for the weekend!

  5. I love me a good margarita! Although I usually like them frozen, I want to try yours on the rocks 😉

  6. Jen Seislove says:

    I love a good margarita and am loving this version! I was hooked when you said the salt is incorporated into the mix! Turning that glass for the perfect salty sip…the struggle is real! LOL I’m so interested in this Mezcal and its smoky taste-will have to look for this. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I’m making this this weekend for sure! I haven’t tried Mezcal so I’m looking forward to it!

  8. Red Nomad OZ says:

    Sounds WAY too good to be true! Looking forward to trying it 😀

  9. This is such a fun recipe! Love the pictures! I don’t mind a glass of this…or two!

  10. Cristina says:

    I want to be able to make my ow margaritas so badly! Never succeed so far…

  11. Hannah says:

    This is a great post! I’m on a sugar free diet at the moment too so I will definitely be trying this recipe 🙂

  12. Victoria says:

    I loveeeee margaritas! Any holiday when my drink of choice is suggested, I’m all for. I’ll try this recipe soon ?

  13. Cooking with Zest says:

    I love the idea of the honey! I will have to try that one!!

  14. bitesofflavor says:

    These margaritas sound delicious! Perfect for Cinco de Mayo

  15. Oh that looks so refreshing!!

  16. Willow says:

    I love margaritas! I have only tried mezcal once, and didn’t really like it, but I don’t think it was very good quality, so I will give it another chance. It really does make a difference in the quality of tequila, wine, or any other liquor.

    1. emmaeatsandexplores says:

      Definitely agree with this – when it comes to alcohol you get what you pay for!

  17. Sarah Kranz says:

    Great idea and this looks delicious!


  18. bcanfield1 says:

    I love margaritas! And tequila! I actually bartended at a mexican restaurant for 8 years and to this day tequila is my favorite drink.

    I haven’t heard of mezcal yet! I love that it has a smokey flavor. I need to check it out!

    1. emmaeatsandexplores says:

      I love tequila too – horrible memories of doing shots in my University years but now I love the flavour, especially the smokiness of the Mezcal

  19. Bree says:

    Looks SUPER yummy! And so refreshing!

  20. daphniepearl says:

    Great post! I can’t wait to try the recipe!

  21. This looks and sounds delicious! I’ll have to keep it in mind for this summer 🙂

  22. Perfect timing!! Found this right before Cinco de Mayo! Always love a good Margarita – will have to give yours a try! 🙂

  23. Thanks for this! It’s great to have for cutting the sugar for sure but we also have friends with lots of different dietary restrictions and always try to have options for everyone when we entertain. I love that this will work for the gluten-free, paleo folks.

  24. Shannon says:

    I live in Oaxaca, Mexico where mezcal is made and I have to say I definitely prefer mezcal margaritas to regular margaritas. So delicious! 🙂

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