Christmas Gift Guide for Wine & Spirit Lovers 2018

When I’m not eating and exploring, my other passion is wine.  In fact, I’m happiest when I can combine all three so I love visits to vineyards, wine tastings and trying amazing food and wine abroad.  It’s definitely not a cheap hobby though so gifts are very much appreciated.  I love receiving presents of delicious wines, spirits or accessories and barware as I know that someone has really taken the time to buy something with one of my passions in mind.  This Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Wine & Spirit Lovers is sure to have something in it for the oenophile in your life.  I hope it helps!

Under £10 Stocking Fillers

These Wine Bottle Lights are such an inventive way of re-using old wine bottles!  Great for the darker evenings I think they’d look fabulous on your dinner table.  At only £5.90 for 6 they’re the perfect stocking filler or Christmas Table Present.  I love the idea of these and am thinking of using them at my wedding for when the sun goes down!Christmas gift Guide for the Wine & Spirits Lover by Emma Eats & Explores

£10 to £20

Drinks always taste better when they’re served in a fancy glass. It makes the whole experience that bit more luxurious so I’m always on the look out for glassware that’s a bit different.  These Geo Glasses are only £12 each and are available from Root 7.  I think my Mezcal Margarita served in one of these would be lovely for Friday evening cocktail hour!  I love the touch of gold and think it really gives that special occasion kind of feeling.Christmas gift Guide for the Wine & Spirits Lover by Emma Eats & Explores


The fun team at It’s Your Bottle have created these great personalised wine bottles for you to gift to your friends and family.  For £14.99 you can pick your personalised label (there are lots of beautiful designs to choose from) and have it attached to the wine of your choice.  They offer Rioja and Bordeaux for the reds or Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay for the whites.  For £16.99 you can even order a Prosecco.  The perfect gift for any wine lover and they’ll definitely remember who it was from when they open it.  Just look at this gorgeous bottle they made for me!

Christmas gift Guide for the Wine & Spirits Lover by Emma Eats & Explores

If you want something a bit special for your Christmas or New Year’s party then how about this award-winning Chalkdown Sparkling Cider.  This is not your usual cider!  Made in the same method as a champagne so that it has double fermentation, this is a very affordable option if you want a little bit of fizz at your Christmas events.  It also makes a great unique present as I’m sure most people wont have given this a try yet.  At only £12.95 a bottle it’s much cheaper than your usual fizz too!  It’s UK-based too as it’s hand-crafted in Andover Down, Hampshire.  You can find it in most off-licences or big supermarkets or buy it online.Christmas gift Guide for the Wine & Spirits Lover by Emma Eats & Explores

To me, a gin and tonic always tastes better when it’s served in a huge balloon glass!  It makes the whole event that little bit more special.  And what’s even better is that you can get your own Personalised Gin Glass from Idyll Home (£16.95).  No-one steals my gin now that my glass is monogrammed!  Add your favourite fruits and herbs to turn it into a really special treat!Personalised Gin Glasses - Christmas gift Guide for the Wine & Spirits Lover by Emma Eats & Explores
The UK is fast becoming a go-to place for the production of fabulous spirits and liqueurs.  This British Cassis is no different.  It’s handmade in Herefordshire by Jo Hilditch, a fourth-generation blackcurrant farmer. Its style is totally different from traditional creme de Cassis – it is rich with ripe, fruity aromas. It is also super versatile and great in cocktails and with sparkling wine as a Kir Royale. The bottle is gorgeous on a  bar too and it’s available at Waitrose & Majestic nationwide for £19.99 or you can buy online.
Christmas gift Guide for the Wine & Spirits Lover by Emma Eats & Explores

£20 to £50

Spirits are experiencing a strong resurgence this year and all the new brands and flavours are really exciting.  I especially love all the locally produced ones – the UK is doing some really different things at the moment!  Like this Lussa Gin from the Isle of Jura off of Scotland.  A small island with just over 200 people and 3 of them have banded together to produce this really special gin.   It has a zesty, smooth flavour and the creators suggest it’s served over tonic with ice and a slice!  Priced at £40 it would make a really special gift for those wanting to try something new and exciting.  You can buy Lussa Gin directly from their website or search the site to find one of the 80 retailers closest to you.Christmas gift Guide for the Wine & Spirits Lover by Emma Eats & Explores


Whisky never used to be my thing and now I love the stuff!  I feel like I’ve missed out on years of whisky drinking so I’m making up for it now!  I’m by no means an expert but I’m trying to learn about the different types and flavours and I’m really keen to try this Single Malt from Balbair Distillery.  It’s matured in oak and ex-Bourbon casks which give it its characteristic smoky, vanilla flavour with hints of orange, honey and spice.  At £45 and available from their online shop, It could even be the perfect dram to toast the New Year in with!Christmas gift Guide for the Wine & Spirits Lover by Emma Eats & Explores

I’ve long been of the opinion that Tequila is going to make a come back in a big way.  Over the last couple of years we’ve had the gin craze and I think it’s Tequila’s turn next.  Gone are the days of dodgy shots at the end of the night, good quality sipping tequila is where it’s at – or a T&T as I’ve christened it (Tequila and Tonic!)  I really love the flavour of a good tequila over ice and I’m hoping this beautifully presented bottle of Patron Tequila finds its way into my Christmas Stocking.  It’s peppery and citrussy and available in this limited edition form, online from Harvey Nichols.Christmas gift Guide for the Wine & Spirits Lover by Emma Eats & Explores


And what to serve your tequila in?  These Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses from Root7 will certainly be a talking point at your next party! They’re £25 for 4 and are completely reusable. Hand carved and made from high quality natural Himalayan rock salt they will infuse your drink with a subtle salty flavour.   Perfect for tequila shots plus we all know Himalayan salt is a health food right?Himalyan Salt Shot Glasses - Christmas gift Guide for the Wine & Spirits Lover by Emma Eats & Explores


Every aspiring mixologist needs their own cocktail set and this one from Von Shef has everything you could need!  For £29.99 you get a 12 piece set including cocktail shaker, strainers, jigger, muddler and even a recipe book to get you started.  I love the elegant green and gold colour but it comes in plenty of others colours too!  Friday night cocktails will never be the same! Make mine a margarita!Christmas gift Guide for the Wine & Spirits Lover by Emma Eats & Explores

£50 to £100

How about a subscription box for the person who has everything?  Each month a bottle of either rum, brandy or whisky will be delivered to your door for you to taste and enjoy.  Daniel, the owner of The Summerton Club goes above and beyond to source and deliver bottles of incredible spirits that you wont find in the supermarkets.  He personally searches and tastes all the offerings to provide something that is really unique and special.  All the bottles are priced at more than the monthly subscription fee so you know you’re getting amazing value for money.  It’s £50 each month that you want a delivery and you can choose whether to received bottles monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly!  Daniel has generously provide a £5 off discount code for my readers so if you’d like to sign up or purchase as a gift for your friends and family just enter Emma5 at the checkout.

Christmas gift Guide for the Wine & Spirits Lover by Emma Eats & Explores


Sulphites are a chemical added to wine as a preservative in transit but their purpose is irrelevant as soon as the bottle is opened.  Many wines, in particular cheap wines, can taste acidic and unpleasant as a result of sulphites. The Üllo Wine Purifier (£69.99) fits in the top of a glass or carafe and removes the sulphites in wine as it’s poured through.  It restores the wine to freshness and it’s as though it came straight from the vineyard.  Sulphites are also notorious for causing the dreaded wine-hangover so hopefully this handy gadget will help rid you of those too!Christmas gift Guide for the Wine & Spirits Lover by Emma Eats & Explores


For something a bit special that I can pretty much guarantee your guests will not have seen, how about a bottle of Les 12 de Versailles N°1 Spicy Rose.  In a stunning electric blue bottle this unique perfumed wine has won a trophy at the prestigious 2018 The Finest Glass of Bubbly Awards. It is the first in a series of limited edition sparkling wines made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, which are enhanced with a natural, edible perfume created from Damask roses and Szechuan peppercorns grown in the Versailles King’s Kitchen Garden (Le Potager du Roi) on the outskirts of Paris.  Only 3000 bottles of limited-edition N°1 Spicy Rose were produced so it is sure to be a unique gift for that someone special!  It’s priced at £49.99 and is available to purchase from Planet of the Grapes but stock is very limited!Christmas gift Guide for Wine & Spirits Lovers by Emma Eats & Explores


Over £100

And for the ultimate wine buff the only gift that matters is the Coravin Model Two Elite Wine Preservation System, Rose Gold!  It’s not cheap at around £250 but it will allow you to drink fine wine by the glass.  It works by inserting a needle like tube through the cork allowing you to pour a glass of wine through it and then fills up the bottle with gas as it empties of wine.  This ensures that oxygen doesn’t get in and oxidise your wine so that it stays fresh.  Perfect if you have an incredible wine selection!  Available in a huge range of colours, I’ve got my eye on the gorgeous Rose Gold version!Christmas gift Guide for Wine & Spirits Lovers by Emma Eats & Explores


I hope something in this Christmas Gift Guide for Wine Lovers has tickled your taste buds!  I can honestly say, the more you learn about wine, the more you appreciate it.  A little knowledge goes a long way and I hope you enjoy the journey!

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