Madrid (Day 3)

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This morning was our last in Madrid, and we decided to do what most Madrilenos do on a SuMadrid Sunshine El Rastro Flea Market Stalls Sundaynday morning which is head to the El Rastro, flea market to wander around the stalls in the sunshine.  I didn’t realise it would be so huge; there must’ve been a least a few hundred stalls, all selling clothes, shoes, souvenirs, craft products, sunglasses, everything you could imagine and you could barely move for the amount of people walking around.  It really was a sight to see but we didn’t find anything for us so wandered all the way across town to the Westin Palace where my other birthday treat was waiting for mum.

I’d booked us into their Opera Brunch which is a buffet brunch complete with opera singers who walk around the tables as they sing.  The building was magnificent and we were shown to our table in a room with the most beautiful glass dome above us.

Told to help ourselves to the buffet, we were gobsmacked at the food on offer.  I’d read somewhere that there were over two hundred dishes available and this wasn’t an exaggeration.  There was every food you could ever imagine wanting to eat on offer and all so beautifully presented.  There was cheese, salads, cold meats, lobster, crayfish, paella, steak, eggs benedict, roast beef, smoked salmon, mussels, foie gras, vegetables and the most beautiful canapés including everything from guacamole to savoury cheesecake, to gazpacho and so much more.  We were in foodie heaven!

Starting with the salads, cold meat and cheese I piled my plate high and headed back to the table where the waiter was offering us drinks, which were all included as well, so it was free flowing Rose Cava for me and wine for mum!  The food tasted as good as it looked, everything was absolutely delicious.Westin Palace Hotel Opera Brunch Buffet Madrid Sunday Cava Pink

As we began to eat, the opera started and it was just mesmerising.  A soprano and a tenor serenaded us throughout the whole meal and it sounded amazing, especially in that room with the fabulous acoustics.  Nessun Dorma was a particular highlight.

We went back for seconds and this time i had some of the steak, and Eggs Benedict, minus the toast, and some more of the delicious salads (and a cheeky bit of foie gras).  By this point i was absolutely stuffed, but then there was dessert.  Again, these were so beautiful it was a shame to mess up the display, and they weren’t all that there was.  There was also a chocolate fountain, fresh fruit, an ice cream station!  I had greek yoghurt with fruit and mum helped herself to some more cheese!

it worked out at about 75 euros a person which i though was extremely reasonable considering you could’ve eaten Lobster and drunk Cava for 3 hours straight with entertainment included.

We walked back towards the centre of town and wandered in and out of some shops having a look around.  The whole town was buzzing as it was the football cup final between Barcelona and Seville and there were plenty of football shirts everywhere!  On our wander i suddenly saw this sign…

Vermouth Madrid Drink Vermut Bar

which is a new favourite of mine.  In Spain, they drink it as an aperitif and it’s quite herbal in taste and I got into it on my last trip to Madrid.  I didn’t want to leave without having one so we found a spot in the sun and ordered drinks.

Vermouth Madrid Drink Vermut Bar
Vermouth (or Vermut in Spanish)
Sangria Sunshine Madrid Gin Drinks Terrace Bar
Sangria, Sunshine & Soda (with gin!!)







Nearly time to leave, we wandered back to the hotel, via one more sunny terrace and then it was off to the airport for the trip home!

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  1. Kathy - Walkabout Wanderer says:

    I love a good flea market. My best find was a cute little hand bag which I found in Hamburg. I am not the typical Girly girl so this practical leather over the shoulder find was great.
    The Oprah lunch sounds amazing. Free flowing Rose Cava! Wow. I love that.
    Sounds like you had a great day.

  2. Vyjay Rao says:

    Wow! An over 200 dishes buffet spread, that is really spectacular. It cannot get more lavish than this. i would be really at a loss to decide on what to eat, obviously stumped for choice 🙂

  3. Oh wow, that food looks so good, especially the Tapas. I would have loved to join you on that. And now I’m hungry… 🙂

  4. Always wanted to visit Madrid, and your photos are making that more clear to me! Looks beautiful, and the FOOD!…

  5. Cynthia says:

    All the food 😍😍😍 I definitely need to plan a trip to Madrid!

  6. Kim says:

    Everything looks delicious. It’s my dream to explore Madrid one day.

  7. dearlyndsey09 says:

    This post definitely makes me want to travel. It sounds like you had an absolute amazing time and those foods look so decadent.

  8. Ami elizabeth says:

    I’ve always wanted to visit Madrid! It’s on my wonderlist ☺️. Sounds like you had a great time x

  9. Inspired. I am looking forward to my trip.

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