A Refined Sugar-Free Easter? Yes it is Possible!

Easter is around the corner and the shops are full of chocolate eggs, bunnies and hot cross buns.  It’s a sugar-overload everywhere you look!  So what can you treat yourself with at Easter if you can’t tolerate refined-sugars?  Look no further as I have some fantastic suggestions for you to have a Sugar-Free Easter!

Hot Cross Bun Muffins

Easter wouldn’t be the same without a toasted Hot Cross Bun, slathered with butter at tea time.  I didn’t want to miss out this year and the regular ones are full of refined flour and sugar so I came up with this alternative recipe.  Perfect for a Sugar-Free  Easter, the only sweetener in them is honey and the sultanas!  And the extra bonus is that they’re grain, gluten and dairy free too and even suitable for SCD and Paleo Diets!  Now you can have your ‘Bun’ and eat it too!!Hot Cross Bun Muffins by Emma Eats & Explores - Grainfree, Glutenfree, Refined Sugar-Free, Paleo, SCD, Vegetarian

OCTO Chocolate

OCTO Chocolate is a fabulous new brand (only 6 months old) that is making organic, raw, vegan chocolate.  I recently came across them at a trade fair I was at and they provided me with some samples to taste.  The only sweetener is coconut blossom sugar and the cocoa beans are ground by huge rollers, not heated to high temperature, to preserve the rawness!  Dairy free as well, this is natural chocolate production at it’s finest, and the taste is out of this world.  They come beautifully packaged in chic, white, black and gold packing with airtight bags inside to retain their freshness.  They really do look like an exclusive luxury product and opening each one is a treat!

And, with no refined-sugar in sight, this is one treat you can enjoy guilt-free.  They do chocolate covered nuts and fruit as well as whole bars of chocolate with amazing ingredients so there is plenty of choice.  My  personal favourite are the Cashews coated in Raw Coconut Chocolate and the White Bar with Pistachios and Salt.  The chocolate doesn’t look white but it tastes creamy and vanillary, just like white chocolate.  It’s creamy and delicious and melt in your mouth and you’d never know it was a healthier version.

And the chocolate bars themselves are a work of art!  Just look how beautiful their  Raw Chocolate with Goji Berries & Cocoa Nibs bar is.

You can buy OCTO Chocolate online on their website via this link or it’s available in Harrods!  It’s definitely worth treating yourself to a box or bar (or two!)

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Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder

Easter lunch in our house is always Lamb and this Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder is the perfect recipe.  With Rosemary and Garlic it’s incredibly tasty and so easy to make.  Once it’s prepped (10 mins or so) you can just put it in the oven and forget about it for a couple of hours!  Plenty of time to go hunting for Easter Eggs before lunch is ready!  Crispy on the outside and so tender inside that you barely need a knife to cut it, it just falls off the bone.  It really will make a show stopping centre-piece to your Easter Table.  Serve it with Honey Roasted Carrots or Cauliflower Mash for a traditional Sunday Roast Lunch!Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder by Emma Eats & Explores - SCD, Paleo, Grainfree, Glutenfree, Dairyfree, Sugarfree, Primal, Whole30, Low Carb, LCHF

Coconut Ice

If you’re desperate for something incredibly sweet this Coconut Ice will be the highlight of your Sugar-Free Easter.  It tastes so sugary but again, the only sweetener is honey meaning you can indulge away.  Made with only 3-ingredients it will give you the sugar fix you’re after without all the nasties!Coconut Ice Sugar-Free Grain-Free Gluten-Free SCD Paleo Strawberry Honey

Chocolate Brownies

Made with Cacao, you can still have your chocolate fix with these delicious Healthy Chocolate Brownies!  They’re made with nut butter, honey and are just as gooey and fudgey as the real deal!  You definitely wont feel like you’re missing out when you have one of these!Healthy Chocolate Brownies by Emma Eats & Explores - Grainfree, Glutenfree, Dairyfree, Refined Sugarfree, Paleo & Vegetarian

So there you go – just a few tips for having a Refined Sugar-Free Easter!  Hopefully you’ll get all the deliciousness and indulgence that we all crave at Easter without having to eat refined sugars!  Enjoy and Happy Easter!

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  1. Anna says:

    These food looks so delicious. I love that brownies.

  2. Andrea says:

    this looks amazing you are gonna have an amazing eater the food looks so good my mouth is watering.

  3. COCONUT ICE?! Uh – I need to see what THOSE are all about!

  4. Maya says:

    I love this list, I needed a refined sugar free list is a sea of fake sugared recipes! Thanks!

  5. Abbey Phipps says:

    Awesome resource! I have some mom friends who were looking for something like this, so I’ll pass it on!

  6. kage2015 says:

    I haven’t heard of this brand before but if it is only 6 months old and on the shelfs that could be why. Sounds iike a great alternative.

  7. Kristin says:

    These all sound like great ideas! I’m always looking for ways to switch things up and make them slightly healthier, less sugar is definitely a good start!

  8. Kirstie says:

    Great tips! Too bad OCTO chocolate doesn’t ship to the states – I’d definitely order.

  9. ljbellows says:

    I’m having a sugar free Easter this year…doing the Whole30 during it! Those brownies look amazing though…I hope to stay away from refined sugar once I’m done so I’ll have to try them 🙂

  10. I love this idea! As a mom of a toddler, I am always looking for ways to reduce our refined sugar intake as a family. However, chocolate is awfully delicious and so I absolutely want to try those chocolate bars by OCTO!

  11. Thanks for this. We eat alot of Jamaican style sugar laden bun here in the island.

  12. Ooooh I love that you put all this together, but the minute I saw the hot cross bun muffins you had me! Good move putting those at the top because they had me hooked from the get go. Ok so what time should I come over for you to make these for me? Hehe!

  13. Lydia says:

    These look great! I love Easter but don’t love how tempting all the sugar is. These are some super options so I can still enjoy myself without over spoiling myself. Thank you!

  14. Devi says:

    It all looks gorgeous to me (except the lamb shoulder, but that’s just because I am vegan 🙂
    Have an amazing easter!

  15. Tami says:

    All of this looks so delicious! Definitely pinning for later. 🙂

  16. Vanessa says:

    YUM! I can’t wait for Easter 🙂 All of these look delicious and healthy, too. Pinning for later!

  17. Msddah says:

    All these look amazing especially knowing it is sugar free. Great post!

  18. Great list of alternatives, thank you.

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