La Cabane des Praz – Les Praz de Chamonix, Chamonix, France

If you read my recent post on How to Ski Chamonix you’ll notice that there was one restaurant that I raved about in particular – La Cabane des Praz.  Situated in the small village of Les Praz de Chamonix, the restaurant can be reached via a black run or the Cable Car from the Flégère ski area if you’re skiing.  You can also get there in 10 minutes in the car from the centre of Chamonix.

We happened upon  it, completely by accident!  Having skied all morning we were starving and decided to head down the black run into the village to find a restaurant.  Somewhere along the way we must have taken a wrong turn and we ended up skiing onto the snow-covered Chamonix golf course! Oops!  After some cross-country skiing (walking) across the golf course we were exhausted and tired by the time we made it to the village so we decided just to go into the first restaurant we got to!  We lucked out big time!

La Cabane des Praz looks like a ski lodge from the outside but inside it is obvious that it is slightly more upmarket than your normal ski resort restaurant.  We were a bit embarrassed to walk in, sweaty and in our ski gear but were soon made to feel at home.  They even let us in, in our ski boots!  We were shown to a lovely cosy table by the window so we could look out over snow-covered golf course!  In the summer you can sit outside on the terrace and there are fantastic views over the mountains too.La Cabane des Praz - Les Praz de Chamonix, Chamonix, France by Emma Eats & Explores

We started with the wine list which was very extensive!  We settled on a Guigal Cotes du Rhone 2012 – a complete bargain at only €25!  It was full of crisp red fruits with a hint of smoke and vanilla.  A perfect lunchtime wine that wouldn’t be too heavy (we had more skiing to do that afternoon) but would go fabulously with the main courses we had all chosen.

The Food at La Cabane des Praz

La Cabane des Praz has quite an extensive menu and everything sounded absolutely delicious.  We could’ve started with oysters if we’d wanted and there were all the usual Savoyard Specialities.  Fondues, Pierre Chaudes (hot stones that you cook your meat on) and Tartiflette!

I couldn’t get past the first page though!  The beef carpaccio caught my eye and i just had to order it even though it was only a starter!  I just couldn’t resist as it was all my favourite flavours on one plate!  And an enormous portion!  I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t be enough as I was so hungry but I needn’t have been.  Definitely glad I didn’t order a main course as well – it was plenty.  I found the beef was so deliciously tender and it just melted in my mouth.  And paired with the parmesan, pine nuts and artichokes, it was heaven on a plate.La Cabane des Praz - Les Praz de Chamonix, Chamonix, France by Emma Eats & Explores

Dan and Fordy decided on the Slow Cooked (7 hours) Lamb with mashed potato and sautéed vegetables.  You could tell this had definitely been cooked for that long as it fell apart and was incredibly tender and delicious.  I had to sneak a taste.  If there was one slight criticism it was that the portion was slightly small for hungry (greedy) boys who had been skiing all day.  However, had we ordered starters or desserts it would have been plenty big enough.  Beautifully presented and it was nice to get some vegetables.  You don’t often see vegetables on offer for lunch in ski resorts!!La Cabane des Praz - Les Praz de Chamonix, Chamonix, France by Emma Eats & Explores

Mark ordered the Savoyard classic – Tartiflette – a kind of cheesy, creamy, bacon and potato gratin, cooked in the oven with plenty more melted cheese on the top.  Perfect skiing fodder and I was so jealous I couldn’t eat it – it did look absolutely delicious!  And tasted incredible he assured me!  Definitely not a small portion either – it was enormous but he still managed to get through it all!La Cabane des Praz - Les Praz de Chamonix, Chamonix, France by Emma Eats & Explores

The Verdict

We ended up ordering a second bottle of wine and would probably have stayed all day had the mountains not been beckoning.  For such amazing food and delicious wine, the bill only came to €50 a head.  I thought that was incredibly reasonable for the quality of the food.  We even joked to each other that we should come back for lunch everyday!  A delicious meal and fantastic wine in a cosy, elegant environment for a decent price.  What more could you want!  I can’t recommend La Cabane des Praz enough as it was the best meal we had during our trip!

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  1. I love the restaurant’s cozy ambiance! It looks like a giant log cabin! I was reading through your description of each and every dish you had and I can imagine how delicious they were! I could have that potato gratin everyday for the rest of my life!

  2. My husband and I always love visiting new restaurants! They usually have interesting new wines to try and are a wealth of inspiration for my food blog. The dreamy looking potato gratin? Oh dear .. I’m with you .. I couldn’t eat it .. but it sure looks delish! Thanks for a fun review. The photo of you guys made me smile!

  3. That is hilarious how you ended up upon this restaurant. The food looks amazing. I probably wouldn’t have made it past the first page either!

  4. It sounds like a wonderful restaurant that’s perfect when you’re looking for a good place to take a break from skiing or to end the day as well. The food sounds so good!

  5. La Cabane des Praz sounds too good to be true. The Decor is so classy dn beautiful, the food sounds scrumptious, and the prices are reasonable for the quality and overall experience. It’s also so cool that you just stumbled upon it while skiing in Chamonix. This is both a practical recommendation and a great story.

  6. Firstly I am in love with the restaurant’s decor! It is oddly beautiful.
    Now to the food. Wowzers, are the portions that huge? This is one restaurant I would always eat at if I could then!

  7. I like the log cabin design of this restaurant. It’s a perfect combination of rustic and classy. It sounds like y’all had a wonderful time. The food looks delicious. I’m not sure what I would have chosen.

  8. Ugh! I would love to travel just so I can eat food. LOL You read that right. I want to travel to eat different cultural foods. I couldn’t imagine how fresh the ingredients are compared to the US.

  9. The tartiflette made my heart cringe. I am hungry as I write this. I want a pjece of it!!!!

  10. It looks like such a quaint restaurant. Kind of reminds me of a sugar shack, with everything made from wood!

  11. My grown boys swear by slow cooked food, so I bet they’d have liked the lamb. I’m not sure they’ve ever had it. Glad you had a nice time.

  12. The food looks so yummy! I also love beef carpaccio and I would have probably ordered it as well as a starter but I think I would have ordered the lamb too. & hours slow cooked, the flavours must be divine!

  13. The beef carpaccio caught my eye too and I can wait to eat that soon. This restaurant is pretty awesome.
    Good for you had such a nice vacation! I hate winter, snow and cold weather, so I avoid traveling in wintertime.

  14. The presentation of food is beautiful. Although I do not eat meat , I admit the slow cooked lamb for 7 hours with mashed potatoes sounds like a great dish for my family.

  15. Looks like you had such an amazing time, I really need a get away soon! Looks so fun and the food looks to die for aha, how tasty ☺️ Great post!

  16. wow lamb that takes 7 hours to cook! I sure hope it was delicious! I would opt in for the wine and be happy myself 😉

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