Picnic, Poker and Cauliflower Pizza

The sun was shining this morning and as I woke up early I decided it was time to get back to my running.  Well, that and the fact that I knew I’d be having Pizza for dinner, ( Cauliflower Pizza Bases actually).  I’ve taken a break from running recently as I was starting to get sharp pains in my left hip every time I went outdoor a run but I think it’s about time to see if resting it has paid off.  Starting off slowly, I only did a 20min (4k) run around the neighbourhood, but (touch wood) didn’t have any problems so I’m going to try to build up the length and time slowly.Run

My early morning run was followed by BODYPUMP – I’m not normally this virtuous on a Saturday morning but I think the first nice weekend of weather brought out the best in me.  Also, BODYPUMP is the only class at the gym that Dan will do with me so it’s nice to be able to go together and get a workout in.  The weather was so beautiful that we packed a quick picnic and headed to the nearby park to enjoy the sunshine before having people over for poker and dinner that night.  I love living in Bloomsbury, there’s a park on every other street and today we decided to head to Russell Square to eat and relax.

Russell Square London Sunshine Park Picnic Run
Russell Square in the Sunshine

Until recently, poker night had been an all guys thing, but for some reason the boys have deigned to allow girls into the group now.  I’m not much of a poker player and wasn’t holding out much hope but it seemed like a fun way to spend the evening.  I’ve never had much of a poker face but maybe this played to my advantage as I think the boys didn’t believe that anyone would be unable to bluff at all!

Now poker (according to the boys) is synonymous with pizza – one of my favourite things to eat but one which I can’t partake in due to my the foods that I have to avoid, but I’m a great one for believing that you shouldn’t deny yourself anything and for every craving there is a way to make it within dietary restrictions so I decided to make a cauliflower pizza, otherwise I was just going to be super-jealous of everyone else eating theirs!  I’ve made the cauliflower pizza base many times before, it’s very easy and only requires cauliflower rice, and egg and some yoghurt, but as I was having such a good time, again I forgot to take photos.  I’ll make the recipe again soon and give it a proper post all to itself. This time I topped it with pesto, mozzarella and sundries tomatoes and I have to say, it looked better and more appetising than the delivery pizzas that the others ordered!

I forgot to take photos of dinner but I did my best to take photos of poker – the boys were less obliging!  Except Craig who’s always happy to pose with a big cheeky grin…


So I ended up doubling my money (who would’ve guessed it) and I think(?) I got an invite back to the next one!

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  1. jajwalyark says:

    Oh I hope you are doing okay with your hip! Keep those miles going, I am sure you’ll get there! Poker Pizza has a nice ring to it doesn’t it!?

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